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Lawyer/Attorney in USA – Advice On Picking A Great Attorney

What to Do and Not to Do After a Car Accident in Oklahoma

People who have been into a car accident would likely agree how disorienting and frightening it can be in such situation. However, no matter how confusing things may be, it is crucial that you think carefully and with a clear mind. If you or one of your family members has been injured in a car accident in Oklahoma, and it is someone else’s fault, that person will be held liable for all the pain you endured, your damaged property, medical bills and other costs that accompany the … [Read more...]

Other Way of Getting Your Workers Compensation

Workers compensation was first passed hundreds of years ago. Before workers compensation laws, if you were injured on the job you would have to sue your employer. Unfortunately, the employers won the cases most of the time. The old system was terrible. Workers that were disabled for life often got little to no money for their troubles. They were stuck at home without any source of income. Obviously, this wasn’t fair to the injured workers. This was compounded by the fact that back then many … [Read more...]

Insurance Dispute Case: Fight It with a Skilled Insurance Attorney

Insurance disputes are difficult to resolve without an attorney. The reason for such difficulty is complexity. Many insurance policies contain hundreds and thousands of legally optimized words that the average consumer may not understand. An Oklahoma City insurance attorney knows the legal jargon. He or she can thoroughly inspect the policy and ensure that the insurance company is adhering to the agreement. … [Read more...]

Auto Fraud in the U.S. and Legal Protection

Auto fraud is when a person intentionally deceives an insurance company in order to get money; where there is no legal claim. There are various ways a person commits insurance fraud such as staging an accident, a car theft, falsifying insurance claims or faking an injury. … [Read more...]

You’re Entitled to Help by a Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you are injured at your workplace, you are supposed to be compensated for your injuries. Your employer is supposed to bear the full responsibility even if the cause of the injury was accidental. However, most employers will try to run away from this responsibility. Some even threaten their employees and even dismiss them if they try to claim for what is rightfully theirs. Others will only cover part of the medical bills and leave the worker suffering. This is why a workers compensation lawyer … [Read more...]

The Reality of Workers’ Comp Claims

Most workers’ comp claims start and end fairly easily. Every once in awhile though, a claim happens that just seems to go on and on with no final resolution. This scenario can happen for many different reasons, but you still want it to end at some point and for there to be a resolution. … [Read more...]